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1♥name Koli
2♥age sixteen
3♥location Statesboro, GA
4♥sex Female
57hearts;sexual orientation Straight
6♥status In a relationship
7♥favorite location Kailua, Hawaii

8♥favorite movies The breakfast club, Grease, Mean Girls, Harold and Maude, Anything Jay and Silent Bob, Butterfly Effect, The 40-year-old Virgin
9♥favorite bands Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, 3oh!3, Mount Sims
10♥favorite foods Subway, Chicken Parmesian, Calzones from Mellow Mushroom, Steaks
11♥favorite TV shows Lost, Nip/Tuck, Weeds
12♥favorite hobbys Painting, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball, Tetris
13♥things you hate People who only think about themselves, Friends that stab you in the back, the heat and humidity of Southeast GA :P

14♥Do you believe in premarital sex? Why or why not? I believe that if you have a connection with someone and you want to share that experience with them then no one should stop you. It's your decision and only yours. So yes, I do believe in premarital sex.
15♥Do you believe in God? Why or why not? I do believe in God. The reason I do is because I've been through a lot this last year, and I know that someone was watching out for me and making sure that what happened with me was for the best.
16♥Favorite Disney character and why. (examples: Simba, Snow White, Mickey Mouse) Simba has always been my favorite :) I think it's because I like lions. They're so strong and independent.
17♥Pick one of the following and explain FULLY what you think about it: Anorexia, Cutting/Suicide, Labels, and Teen Pregnacy. Teen Pregnancy: It happens to a lot more people these days than ever before. I can't stand to see these poor girls ridiculed and made fun of at school. I picked this because I had a baby two years ago. Whenever I would I come into my classes in the morning people would whisper about me and stuff, assuming that they know me because the size of my belly revealed a very personal part of my life. I know that I have no excuse, it's my fault and I should expect such younger individuals to not understand, but it was still really hard. Hopefully I'm going to start working towards being in a program where I will speak on behalf of other teenage girls out there who have gotten pregnant and work towards having more birth control available for the youth of my town.

18♥Who is the prettiest memember? ibrokeurheart
19♥Saying something about each mod. stupidloveesong- Those eyes mezmorize :)
hydraulicxheart- Absolutely gorgeous and creative!
20♥Will you actaually stay active? How or how not? Yes, I will be active. I will post comments and promote and do entries :)

21♥4-8 pictures of yourself

22♥ Promote us in your livejournal and leave the link : (the pictures in my userinfo are not recent AT ALL and the promotion is from much earlier in the community, if you need me to change it, let me know)
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