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Brand New

VOTERS: This is based 50% on looks, 50% on personality.

1♥name Kalen
2♥age 18
3♥location California
4♥sex Female
5♥sexual orientation Straight
6♥status Taken
7♥favorite location The Beach

8♥favorite movies Boondock Saints, Shawshank Redemption, Hocus Pocus, Zoolander, & Anchorman.
9♥favorite bands Brand New, Gwen Stefani, TBS, AAR, &
10♥favorite foods Anything Italian, Calamari, Sushi, French Fries, & Waffles.
11♥favorite TV shows Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Heroes, & Friends.
12♥favorite hobbys Surfing, driving, writing, softball, & hanging out w/ my friends.
13♥things you hate Bad grammar like when people don't know the difference between THERE, THEIR, & THEY'RE. Or I & me. Mouth noises. Fake bitches. Drama with friends, & that's about it.

14♥Do you believe in premarital sex? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I am a Christian & I do believe in God, but I feel it's your own personal choice if you feel you're ready to take that step. I don't think God is going to condemn you to hell if you decide to. He's also a very forgiving God, don't you think?
15♥Do you believe in God? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I believe in God because of how I was raised. I honestly don't have a reason why I believe. I just have faith that he's there & that his teachings are real. I've never really been one to debate on religions or explain my beliefs because everyone can believe something different & just because you explain why you believe a certain thing doesn't mean that they are wrong in what they believe in. I mean so many things in life you can believe in because you have faith it exists. & that's what I base mine on. SO I'm not really one to talk about why I believe in something because I don't have a great arguement to back it up.
16♥Favorite Disney character and why. (examples: Simba, Snow White, Mickey Mouse) Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I loved that movie so much. I use to have dreams when I was little about being a mermaid. I use to be into the whole fantasy thing about mermaids & gods & stuff like that. So, it ultimately became my favorite Disney Character because it fed into my interests of fantasy. She is also very naive like me, so we get along great.
17♥Pick one of the following and explain FULLY what you think about it: Anorexia, Cutting/Suicide, Labels, and Teen Pregnacy.
I had a really good friend of mine commit suicide earlier this year. He wasn't happy with his life, & I didn't realize that it had gone that far. I wanted to help so bad, & I couldn't reach him. He took a gun, & ended his life. & I haven't been able to get over it in a while. It's like I assumed people will always be there, & you take it for granted their presence. I have friends that cut, & I don't know how to talk to them about it. I don't agree with it, but then again a lot of my friends that do have that option & use it, have horrible lives that they can't get away from. I think suicide is one of the most selfish things you can do, but you can seem so wrapped up in a problem that you don't think anyone else will understand. I just don't agree with either of them. I don't understand why people commit suicide. Well, I understand from their point, but the in whole I don't get it. I just wish I could have helped my friend. & wish I could have seen what was going to happen. Wish he could have seen some help & light in someone.

18♥Who is the prettiest memember? princesslulu08
19♥Saying something about each mod. stupidloveesong I love her hair color. & hydraulicxheart she looks a lot like my friend Devin & both are gorgeous.
20♥Will you actually stay active? How or how not? Yes, because I am very tired of Myspace sometimes, & I need another site to spend my time on. This one should do nicely since I like your community.

21♥4-8 pictures of yourself

The far left

Far left again & bad ex :-)

Halloween Costume.

Me & my sister Jacky.

& these are my best friends.

22♥Promote us in your user info and leave the link. http://my-l0vealibi.livejournal.com/profile
i will pick the picture for the members page.
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brand new <3
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