hydraulicxheart (hydraulicxheart) wrote in thinkyourpretty,

VOTERS: This is based 50% on looks, 50% on personality.

1♥name heaven
4♥sex female
5♥sexual orientation straight
6♥status taken
7♥favorite location where i am now.

8♥favorite movies a walk to remember, shes the man, edward scissorhands, ice princess, titanic.
9♥favorite bands cute is what we aim for, dashboard confessionals, daphne loves derby, the spill canvas, augustana.
10♥favorite foods tacos, chicken pattys, pizza rolls, elios, anddd cucumbers.
11♥favorite TV shows the hills, degrassi, south of nowhere, boy meets world, and& instant star.
12♥favorite hobbyscheerleading, running, swimming, driving, and& soccer.
13♥things you hateliars, drama queens, country music, the heat, people who push you over the edge.

14♥Do you believe in premarital sex? Why or why not? yeah sure, as long as your safe. and if you can spread your legs you better be able to support the baby.
15♥Do you believe in God? Why or why not? kinda. but who listens to him anymore?
16♥Favorite Disney character and why. (examples: Simba, Snow White, Mickey Mouse) belle. because she sees people for the inside and not the outside.
17♥Pick one of the following and explain FULLY what you think about it: Anorexia, Cutting/Suicide, Labels, and Teen Pregnacy. labels. okay so although i used to label people. i just think is a stupid excuse for a "good definition" of cliques. or however you want to spell that. like honestly if someone dresses in all black they're automatically a gothic person devil worshiper dude? uhm no. they might just not be feeling colors at the time. or most people catagorize me as a dumb blonde. just because im sheltered and dont understand most of teh dirty jokes and i realize how stupid and how much i hate that. point made.

18♥Who is the prettiest memember? desireee
19♥Saying something about each mod. hi desiree. i used to uhm fake-hate you. cause. yeah. but uh you were right. and you always will be. :]
20♥Will you actaually stay active? How or how not? didnt i before?

21♥4-8 pictures of yourself
22♥Promote us in your user info and leave the link.
i will pick the picture for the members page.

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sorry nothing stood out :[
People need to pay attention to change.
I love doing this, SWAY ME!!!!!! I like chicken patties to
im a flippen mod. lol but i like them alot.