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VOTERS: This is based 50% on looks, 50% on personality.

1♥name Raquel
2♥age 16
3♥location Houston, TX
4♥sex girl
5♥sexual orientation straight
6♥status in a relationship
7♥favorite location The Point at Lake Palestine

8♥favorite movies The Princess Bride, Garden State, Gone With the Wind, Saving Grace, Empire Records
9♥favorite bands Jack Johnson, The Killers, The Shins, Snow Patrol, Incubus
10♥favorite foods pasta, fruit, Chinese, all seafood excepting fish, Mexican
11♥favorite TV shows Scrubs, other than that I don't watch much TV
12♥favorite hobbys choir, photography, hanging out with my family, reading, making jewelry
13♥things you hate narrowmindedness, immaturity, weakness, stupidity, and fish

14♥Do you believe in premarital sex? Why or why not? It depends: only people in love should have sex. Some married couples aren't in love like some unmarried couples, and therefor shouldn't be having sex. And still, I won't look down on someone for just having an occasional fuck.
15♥Do you believe in God? Why or why not? No. I mostly want to believe God exists, but it's hard for me to do so when so many bad things happen.
16♥Favorite Disney character and why. (examples: Simba, Snow White, Mickey Mouse) Winnie the Pooh. Because he is a genuinely nice and caring little bear. He's always worried about his friends, but that's because he loves them so much.
17♥Pick one of the following and explain FULLY what you think about it: Anorexia, Cutting/Suicide, Labels, and Teen Pregnacy. Teen Pregnancy. Teenagers everywhere are having sex, and there's virtually no stopping it. Pregnancy happens also, but that's something you CAN avoid. Unless by traumatic causes, I feel that teen pregnancy is merely a consequence of irresponsibility. Condoms, the pill, whatever; just have safe sex if you're going to be having sex at all. Then again, some teenagers want to get pregnant, and then it isn't really an issue is it?

18♥Who is the prettiest memember? princesslulu08
19♥Saying something about each mod. hydraulicxheart: i like that she listens to cute is what we aim for. stupidloveesong: her standpoint on God is exactly the opposite of mine. to each her own.
20♥Will you actaually stay active? How or how not? probably. I like telling other people what I think about them whn asked, so I'll definitely vote on applicants.

21♥4-8 pictures of yourself

22♥Promote us in your user info and leave the link.
i will pick the picture for the members page.
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