onefishtwofishx (onefishtwofishx) wrote in thinkyourpretty,

Hmm hello, how are you.

Im bored so I think Im gonna ramble on a bit. I really want my tomigachi back. That thing was the shit, it really was. Who remembers POGS, I was a monster at it. Who the hell came up with furbys, seriously how were those things cool. They looked like deformed gremlins who woke me up late at night with its obsesive talking. So Christmas is soon. Im excited even though I noticed with age I get less toys. I may be 18 but im still a kid at heart. So I recently just returned to school, its pretty beat. Ive never been one for school. So I just realized I know about two of you. This community was pretty active when I first got in it. Then it went into a decline. The new mods are allright. Desiree is WAY cooler then the other one will ever be. So here's a question, has anyone ever tested to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a totsie pop (sp). I tried the other day but it was the red one, I dont have the will power to not bite it. It like a perfect blend of chocolate and lolipop. Oh you know whats really good. Grape Dum Dums. Wow its almost halloween. I think I might be a little old for trick or treating though. I haven't decided if Im dressing up this year though. I really wanted to be Uncle Fester cause you know, hes the fucking man. Last year I was a ghost buster.
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